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California Mixed Grapefruit & Navel Oranges

For a limited time only, we are able to offer you fresh, sun-ripened California Grapefruit & Navel Oranges delivered directly to your door! We know the wait for the next season of Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit & Oranges can seem like an eternity... To make the wait more bearable, we have partnered with another small family farm in Southern California to bring you their freshly picked, peak-of-season California Grapefruit & Navel Oranges!

Starting at...$24.95
Pre-orders begin April 29th!
Choose from 4 options
Six Pack California Grapefruit & Oranges
Nine Pack California Grapefruit & Oranges
Twelve Pack California Grapefruit & Oranges
Half Bushel California Grapefruit & Oranges