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Gourmet Tower

Give those on your gift list the joy of opening one present after another. Inside these beautifully boxed gifts your loved ones will find two of our Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit, two Texas Oranges, and four of our sweet and juicy Mandarin Oranges. Accompanied by a box of decadent Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels, delicate Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies, Chocolate Covered Cherries, a mini Texas Rum Cake and to top it all off, our famous Texas Pecans each dipped in a creamy white chocolate.

Order #5GT ...$69.95
Approx. 9 lbs.
Pre-orders begin November 1st!

Merry Citrus Tree

Celebrate the season in style with this special tree, bristling with our mouth-watering Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit and Oranges. Forming the "trunk" a jar of our Holiday Jam. Nestled neatly at the base are colorful gift boxes of Deluxe Mixed Nuts and Pistachios. A garnish of foil-wrapped milk chocolate candies and peppermint candy canes makes this a delightfully festive gift!

Order #12T ...$46.95
Approx. 10 lbs.
Pre-orders begin November 1st!

Fruitful Holiday Delights

This beautifully curated holiday gift basket is a symphony of flavors and textures that will delight your senses and warm your heart. Perfect for sharing with loved ones or savoring on your own, it's a festive fusion of fresh fruits, decadent chocolates, and delightful confections.

Order #5HD ...$59.95
Approx. 10 lbs.
Pre-orders begin September 1st!

Festive Fruit Wreath

This beautiful fruit wreath is sure to delight. Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit and Oranges are carefully arranged with festive Fuji and Granny Smith Apples, then decorated with foil-wrapped milk chocolate candies. Nestled in the center, a jar of our Orange Blossom Honey and a cute Wooden Honey Dipper. Definitely a delicious holiday treat.

Order #10W ...$39.95
Approx. 8 lbs.
Pre-orders begin November 1st!

Deck the Halls

You’ll be singing Deck the Hall’s with all goodies. Nestled between our delicious Ruby Red Grapefruit and sweet winter mandarins are savory deluxe mixed nuts, white chocolate covered Christmas tree pretzels, and sweet n’ tangy citrus gummies—the perfect selection this holiday season

Order #5DH ...$49.95
Approx. 10 lbs.
Pre-orders begin September 1st!

Holiday Party Sampler

Filled with our favorite snacks, this is sure to be a hit at any holiday gathering. A little something for everyone; juicy Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit, a Fuji & Granny Smith Apple, two gourmet beef sausages, assorted mustards, almonds and cashews along with roasted & salted Pistachios and crispy, savory crackers. Serve the treats up with the included wooden cheese board along with a tree-shaped premium Cheddar Cheese for a look that is sure to impress.

Order #12HPS ...$64.95
Approx. 9 lbs.
Pre-orders begin November 1st!

Seasons Greetings

Send a jolly treat for the holidays! An assortment of our picked to perfection Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit and Oranges, a crisp Fuji Apple, our Holiday Jingle Mix, Cranberry Walnut Crunch Popcorn; decadent Chocolate Covered Cherries & Blueberries and fresh roasted & salted in shell pistachios. A gift sure to please!

Order #5SG ...$51.95
Approx. 13 lbs.
Pre-orders begin September 1st!

Christmas Pretzels

These Christmas Tree shaped pretzels are coated in a decadent white chocolate and sprinkled with red & green sugar, making for a salty-sweet holiday snack.

Order #CHPZ ...$26.95
Approx. 1 lbs.
Pre-orders begin September 1st!

Grapefruit Gadgets

Essential gadgets for any grapefruit lover and the perfect addition to any gift. Pick from a set of four serrated grapefruit spoons, a grapefruit knife, or both! Free Shipping!

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Choose from 3 options
Grapefruit Knife
Serrated Grapefruit Spoons
Spoon & Knife