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Chocolate Pecans

Moist, crisp and fresh pecans dipped in silky decadent milk chocolate. Showcased in our gold-trimmed gift box, this is sure to be a gift everyone will love!

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Pre-orders begin September 1st!
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Chocolate Covered Pecans 1 Lb.
Chocolate Covered Pecans 2 Lbs.

Fancy Candied Pecans

This assortment of our famous open-fire, kettle cooked, candied pecans in an impressive gift tin will be a hit with any of those special someones on your gift list. This assortment comes with Praline Pecans, Honey Toasted Pecans, Butter Toffee Pecans, and Amaretto Chocolate Covered Pecans.

Order #NCP4 ...$36.95
Approx. 3 lbs.
Available to order!

Deluxe Snack Sampler

The perfect gift for any occasion, a mix of our favorite party snacks. Featuring a generous portion of our luscious Praline Pecans, Amaretto-infused Chocolate Pecans, along with our Texas Mammoth Pecan Halves and a showcase of our finest, deluxe, roasted and salted Cashews and Almonds.

Order #NDS4 ...$32.95
Approx. 3 lbs.
Pre-orders begin November 1st!

Nut Lovers Delight

This exclusive collection features the finest nuts available. Giant roasted and salted Cashews, premium in-shell Pistachios, fancy large whole Almonds, and moist Texas Pecan Halves. An exceptional gift, perfect for that nutty person in your life.

Order #NLD4 ...$32.95
Approx. 2 lbs.
Pre-orders begin November 1st!

Gourmet Chocolate Pecan Sampler

In this beautiful gift we pack our two favorite hand-dipped candied pecan offerings; Amaretto-infused Chocolate Pecans, and the irresistible classic, Praline Pecans.

Order #NGPS ...$31.95
Approx. 2 lbs.
Pre-orders begin November 1st!