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Four Pack

Because all it takes is a taste. Try out four of our Ruby Red Grapefruit!

Order #1T ...$19.95
Approx. 5 lbs.
Available to order!

Six Pack

We pack the perfect combination of mouthwatering, fresh Grapefruit and Juicy Sweet Orange so irresistibly sweet and juicy, into this delightful selection. A great gift idea for business associates, teachers, and neighbors alike. Sure to be a welcome surprise!

Starting at...$26.95
Available to order!
Choose from 3 options
Six Pack Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit
Six Pack Grapefruit & Oranges
Six Pack Texas Sweet Oranges

Ten Pack

The perfect size, filled with scrumptious Ruby Red Grapefruit, each weighing over a pound, ideal for that mid afternoon pick me up. Choose from all grapefruit, all oranges or a mix of grapefruit and oranges.

Starting at...$35.95
Available to order!
Choose from 3 options
10 Ruby Red Grapefruit
10 Pack Sweet Oranges
10 Pack Grapefruit & Oranges

Twelve Pack

The twelve pack makes excellent gifts for individuals, couples and small families. Combine with our juicy Sun-ripened Oranges that have a taste tingling flavor that's sure to please.

Starting at...$41.95
Available to order!
Choose from 3 options
12 Pack Ruby Red Grapefruit
12 Pack Sweet Oranges
12 Pack Grapefruit & Oranges

Eighteen Pack

NEW! This novel gift box, nestled in-between our 12 Pack and Half Bushel sizes, offers the perfect amount of fruit for those who always wanted something in-between. Choose from 18 grapefruit, 24 oranges, or 9 grapefruit and 14 oranges.

Starting at...$49.95
Available to order!
Choose from 3 options
18 Pack Ruby Red Grapefruit
18 Pack Grapefruit & Oranges
18 Pack Sweet Oranges

Half Bushel

The Half Bushel is ideal for gift giving. Your friends will be happy to receive these fragrant citrus, which can't be found in stores.

Starting at...$64.95
Available to order!
Choose from 3 options
Half Bushel Grapefruit
Half Bushel Texas Sweet Oranges
Half Bushel Grapefruit & Oranges

Family Pack

When you have a larger family on your gift list, this bountiful carton is just right. And remember, our gift fruit is premium fruit, hand-picked for maturity, hand selected for quality.

Starting at...$74.95
Available to order!
Choose from 3 options
Family Pack Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit
Family Pack Grapefruit & Oranges
Family Pack Texas Sweet Oranges

Full Bushel

A full bushel (about 45 lbs.) of Ruby Red Grapefruit is our largest fruit gift. It's just right for the large family or a family gathering during the holiday season. It's an impressive gift everyone can enjoy.

Starting at...$93.95
Available to order!
Choose from 3 options
Full Bushel Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit
Bushel Texas Grapefruit & Oranges
Full Bushel Texas Sweet Oranges

Grapefruit Gadgets

Essential gadgets for any grapefruit lover and the perfect addition to any gift. Pick from a set of four serrated grapefruit spoons, a grapefruit knife, or both! Free Shipping!

Starting at...$12.95
Available to order!
Choose from 3 options
Grapefruit Knife
Serrated Grapefruit Spoons
Spoon & Knife