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Smoked Peppered Ham

Slightly peppered so it's just right, fully cooked and boneless. Delicious for any occasion, plain or fancy, a gift that will really be appreciated.

Starting at...$39.95
Pre-orders begin November 1st!
Choose from 2 options
Smoked Peppered Ham 3-4 Lbs.
Smoked Peppered Ham 5-6 Lbs.

Smoked Turkey

Moist and delectable choose between our Smoked Turkey or Turkey Breast which are both fully cooked and ready to slice and serve. Perfect for any family gathering.

Starting at...$53.95
Available to order!
Choose from 2 options
Smoked Turkey Breast 3-4 Lbs.
Smoked Turkey

Texas Smoked Brisket

Nobody does it better than Texas. Enjoy smoked to perfection over a hickory fire, this tender Smoked Brisket is one of the most popular choices for informal eating. Its flavor can't be beat.

Currently Unavailable

Pork Tenderloin

Lightly peppered and gently hickory smoked, this fully cooked cut of Meat is so tender, you can serve it in a sandwich or have it be the star of the table.

Order #MPR2 ...$35.95
Approx. 4 lbs.
Available to order!

Canadian Bacon 2-3 Lbs.

Our Canadian Bacon is hickory smoked to bring out its full flavor. This choice cut can be served for any meal and is a welcome holiday gift.

Order #MCB ...$34.95
Approx. 4 lbs.
Available to order!

South Texas Tamales

A holiday favorite! Choose between our two options; A) one dozen of each - Beef, Chicken and Pork tamales; or B: one dozen each of Chicken and Pork tamales. They're wrapped in a natural corn husk and making them so delicious, a true taste of the South. Shipped 2nd Day Air.

Starting at...$54.95
Pre-orders begin September 1st!
Choose from 2 options
South Texas Tamales - 2 Dozen
South Texas Tamales - 3 Dozen