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A word about our Texas Peaches

It is with great disappointment that we bring you this sad news about our Texas Peaches. 

Although there were no late frosts or damaging spring hail storms, and while we did have plenty of chill over the winter months - the seemingly perfect conditions for a great peach crop - the winds began to change in these past weeks leading up to our shipment window. Literally. It seems Mother Nature has thrown us yet another curve ball for 2020 - not enough rainfall! We have received a few showers here and there, but not what is needed to grow and plump up the fruit.

Combined with some unfortunate gaps in the fields, peaches that looked like they were growing just stopped, and what's left on the tree is disappointingly small and sparse. Leaving us with extremely few peaches that we can work with. We have high standards for the peaches that we ship, and anything less than that, we just can’t do. You are paying for the best, and we won't ship anything but.

We wish we could turn up the dial on the peach factory, but unfortunately it does not work that way!

Therefore, at this time, we will be cancelling all Peach orders. If your order was prepaid or paid via PayPal you will be receiving a refund. Please allow up to seven days for this to post to your account. Orders using a credit card have not been charged.

There is an ever so slight chance that if we do begin to see beautiful rainfall in the Hill Country, the crop may recover, but it’s not looking good this late in the season. If by some miracle this does happen, we will notify you to reorder. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter on our home page!

Our sincerest apologies, we wish we had better news; we too miss our summer peaches.  We have faced this dilemma with peaches in the past and have been very fortunate to have enjoyed great crops over the past few years. Here’s crossing our fingers for next year!

Thank you for understanding!

The Crockett Family

Texas Peaches

Sweet & juicy Texas Freestone Peaches are among the summer's greatest pleasures. Our Fredericksburg Hill Country Peaches make the best Fresh Peach pie, cobbler or ice cream or just all by themselves. As soon as they are ready they will be sent to you Second Day Air, about Mid- June.